“Data is the new oil” - Clive Humby

Companies just like yours are producing more and more data every single day. With this untouched data, you could be sitting on a mountain of wealth and value and not even know it.

Our team believes in empowering our clients to discover their insights and feel confident in their data literacy abilities. We’ll look at the numbers provided to us but the question is, do you know how to read, understand and even argue with those numbers do you don’t just take them for face value? We’ll help you do that! We specialize in three main areas of analytics: Insurance, Retails & Wholesale, and Manufacturing.

How we can help

Insurance Solutions

You serve a customer base that has increased demands around simplicity, quality, price, products and relationships. Do you ask questions like:

1. What products can I offer discounts to?
2. Where are my high and low areas of risk?
3. How well am I controlling profit and losses?

To have the upper hand, our team developed an insurance template for Qlik Sense that is utilized by companies across North America. This was created to meet the needs of insurance companies who were seeking reporting and analytics that were not currently offered by their existing insurance systems. Without this level of knowledge and without the confidence in the numbers, insurers often make gut-based decisions when they should have the ability to use evidence-based decision so they don't miss out on valuable opportunities.

Let’s set up a virtual coffee with one of our developers and get started.

Retail/Wholesale Solutions


Companies like yours are are having to heavily rely heavily on their own data to make decisions that will result in future growth or potential bankruptcy. Stores are no longer just seen as a place to buy a product. Qlik provides fast analytics from the shelf to the head office by helping you

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Maximize margins and reduce waste

  • Deliver simple, profitable customer experiences

  • Drive geographic store performance

  • Gain insights into customer shopping trends

  • Leverage market basket analysis

  • Leverage social media opportunities

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Manufacturing Solutions


You’re probably facing tremendous challenges these days and in need of finding ways to remain competitive and increase performance. Our Qlik Sense product acts as a compass for

  • Growth to begin analyzing things like product quality and defects

  • Forecasting planning and budgeting

  • Reducing waste

  • Increasing yield in production lines

  • Increasing sales and profit margins

  • Building scheduling techniques

  • Improving governance and remaining compliant

Let’s set up a virtual coffee with one of our developers to get started.

What happens next

Because we’re a Qlik certified partner, we provide consulting and professional services, implementation and ongoing support for Qlik user training and application development services. Give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll be sure to offer ongoing support. You won’t be left behind!

Ongoing Support

We handle all updates and ensure your solution is where it needs to be. With our Certified Qlik Developers, we can provide as little or as much development as you need. Our team loves understanding your needs to build out awesome visualizations that bring your data to life. 

To help accelerate the design of applications, we provide some pre-built templates to scale to your business.


Our staff can assist your users via phone, remote ad-hoc training or specific training to your Qlik applications via webinar or on site session. We provide End User Training videos for your users to have a quick and easy reference point. If your users want to enhance their ability to design visualizations, create a data model and administer the Qlik solution, our team will recommend the right online or classroom training available through Qlik.

Professional Services and Consulting

To help you maximize the value of your Qlik solution, our team can provide you with a detailed report on your current Qlik installation, environment and development recommendations and advice on how to implement changes and best practices. 

To maximize the success of your project with us, we bring our project management expertise to the table. We work in a true partnership with your internal teams to ensure we stay within time, scope and on budget.