Are you giving your data a voice?


Data is a powerful story but without giving it a voice the impact is lessened. You don’t find everything in the numbers, you find everything by allowing your data to speak and tell a story. Why do we struggle so much to hear what our data is telling us? Why don’t we put the time and effort into making the numbers come alive and make sense?

We’ve all heard of the popular phrase; work smarter, not harder. The same applies to analytics. By keeping our analytics organized, insightful, consistent messaging, visually appealing and engaging for our audience we can function smarter as a team without stretching all of our resources.

Visualizations are great because they highlight an important message through the use of colours. And through visualizations we are able to contribute to the engagement of the audience but it doesn’t stop there. Everyone wants to feel connected to the data and if the story is told correctly, with clear connections and messaging the next steps to take action become clearer for people to work towards. When data is disorganized, insights are not easily recognized then you can have all the data in the world but it means nothing.

When we identify a problem and clearly understand the impact on the organization we can work hard to resolve it together.

So spend time on giving your data a voice and the actions will flow from that.