Flood Zone Mapping


We’ve had the opportunity to work with a really interesting wholesale broker and managing general agency who serves independent insurance agents in parts of the United States.  One of their top priorities once Qlik Sense was installed was to explore mapping capabilities. This company wanted to uploaded addresses from their system into Qlik and see those addresses on a map with FEMA flood maps overlaid on those points so they could easily see which points fall into flood zones. The second request was to be able to extract the addresses from the maps in Qlik Sense and be able to see the FEMA flood maps in Qlik, have the ability to utilize a lasso tool to select a particular area and get it to return all addresses within that specific selection.

Using GeoAnalytics Base and a tool called LocationIQ, our Professional Services team was able to deliver what they were looking for. In order to make this happen our team had to build script logic to fetch all the points as the calls have limits which needed to be accounted for and the flood data needed to be integrated with their current application.

There was certainly a good amount of work to be done here. Our team had to work on the logic to retrieve flood zones from the FEMA service and understand how the service worked and the limitations. Once this was completed, our team created the script logic. We ended up leveraging the Batch GeoCoding option that is offered by LocationIQ as it allowed the client to GeoCode all current addresses and the new ones would be completed daily. In order to ensure everything worked smoothly, we sent the LocationIQ team a processed CSV file that contained addresses for the quotes and they returned the appropriate latitude and longitude coordinates.

This client is thrilled with the mapping capabilities and they are using it to drive strategic conversations.