Is your company disadvantaged?


Most companies collect mountains of data, with some not even realizing how much they really have.  The challenge for most is to turn this valuable asset into something that generates dollars.  Some companies sell their data or subsets of the data but for most of us, this is not an option.   So how do we leverage this very real asset?

If selling the data isn't an option then we must leverage it to make better decisions, faster and with accuracy.

Today, having actionable knowledge is the key to competitive advantage. In today's knowledge economy, what is differentiating companies is the knowledge they possess and what they can do with this knowledge.  It is about making the right decisions before the other guy and then acting on them before someone else does.

In its infancy, the internet was presented as the great equalizer.  Today what we see is those with the information and resources to do something with it are the companies that are leaping in front and dominating their market and industry.

Unfortunately, it appears that large companies have the advantage at this time.  They have been amassing large stores of information, they have the computing power and software to work with it and they have people that that can work with this information and turn it into something. 

Sounds bleak for the rest of us, but there is an equalizer.  Qlik platforms allow non-analysts to analyze and begin turning all of that data into knowledge.  They now have the ability to turn the information into actionable knowledge. In the past access to this information has been kept to the select few, the analysts that had the tools to do something with the data.  But today, everyone can participate in leveraging the data they have access to resulting in fact-based decisions that benefit their team, department and organization.

Qlik uses the concept of “Natural Analytics ™”.  Their platforms allow the exploration of the data in a natural way that works the way our mind works.  With their tool you can leap from one insight to explore another and use our natural ability to determine patterns to reach evidence based decisions quickly.  All of this power is available to everyone, from the smallest company to the largest enterprise.  It is a great equalizer. 



Natural Analytics ™ is a registered trademark of Qlik.