Qlik Sense server installation

Eric Delorme, a member of our IT team recently had the opportunity to install a basic version of the Qlik Sense server platform for the first time. This particular installation was setup as a single Qlik Sense node environment with all services installed on the same machine. Overall he found the installation fairly straightforward.

He started by downloading the appropriate version of the Sense Platform. The steps required for accessing and downloading the correct version are outlined in the Download Video link below.

After downloading the setup file he followed the steps outlined in the ‘Qlik Sense Quick Installation Guide’, which is available through the Installation PDF Guide link below. The guide is well written, easy to follow, and should assist you in getting Sense successfully installed.

***Important. When you get to step 10 of the ‘Quick Step by Step Installation’ double check that you have entered the correct machine address. This is where he made his mistake. He accidently typed an incorrect value and this resulted in having to later re-install Qlik Sense. If you need to uninstall Qlik Sense the Qlik community has information on the necessary steps. We've also provided a link to a post that goes over what needs to be completed for a successful uninstallation.

Eric followed all the on screen instructions from the installation wizard and completed the installation. Since he had initially typed in the incorrect machine address he wasn’t able to connect but some searching in the online Qlik community led to the problem and solution.

Other than having to re-install because of user error, the installation went well and he was able to successfully install Qlik Sense Server. If you encounter any errors during the installation  we suggest starting with the ‘Troubleshooting’ section of the PDF and then visiting the online Qlik community for further assistance.


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