Same old thinking


There’s a lot of noise out there. The capabilities and technology specifically in the BI and data stream are so diverse, so powerful and are in such a competitive state of growth right now that many organizations struggle to identify the best way to leverage sophisticated BI tools without risking business users feeling overwhelmed and not adopting it. Regardless of any other factors, one fact will govern the success of your company with business analytics:

I believe that the best teams are those who use data to reinforce the behaviours of communicative and collaborative problem solvers. 

Regardless of anything else, the whole point of business analytics is to give business users the ability to become think tanks; to leverage their expertise and experience and direct it towards actively building process and planning for success. When making changes in an organization a HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) no longer dictates decisions by gut feel but rather facilitates decision making by unlocking the expertise of their people and allowing their data to tell a story.

Through enabling collaborative data discovery, companies can support more effective business units which perpetuate a culture of data  that permeates all levels of the organization and becomes integral in every aspect of decision making.

Tools like Qlik Sense enable this cyclical reaction where business users have easy accessibility to the data they need in order to push performance, inform predictions and collaboratively leverage organizational expertise. When people can share, develop and make decisions from the right data tools, it fosters engagement which drives strong user adoption, a data driven culture and a strong ROI.