Setting up a generic LDAP user director connector (UDC)

One of the requirements for our Qlik Sense server setup was to create a UDC to pull in users from our LDAP source.

This being my first time creating a UDC I started by watching the YouTube video was created by Michael Tarallo. It’s a nice simple video that explains what a UDC is and how it can be used. It also shows how to create a few sample connectors.

Once I had some basic knowledge on how the UDC’s worked I followed the documentation that is available from Qlik Sense help to setup and configure the connector.

**Important. I suggest using a separate LDAP tool to confirm that your credentials and information are correct. This makes the LDAP UDC creation process simpler since you can eliminate an extra layer of potential problems.

Here are some tips and things to pay attention to when configuring the connector options.

Editing the UDC

  • Path
    • Using your LDAP tool to get the specific path and pasting into here will insure you have it correct. It’s easy to miss spaces, commas or other characters so double check.
  • LDAP filter
    • Since I don’t write LDAP filters often, I found it helpful to use an LDAP tool that generated the filter for me, then I just pasted it into this field.
  • Page size of search
    • The documentation mentions this but I wanted to also point it out. This field often needs to be set to no value.
  • Directory Entry Attributes
    • These values are case sensitive and need to match up with your specific LDAP configuration. This is another good reason to use an outside LDAP tool since you will need to verify the attributes for your LDAP setup.


  • In most cases your logs will be located here: C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log
  • Make sure to pay attention to all levels of logging as some important messages will be classified under the INFO level.
  • When I experienced odd errors or behaviour I found a simple restart of the Qlik Sense services and QMC helped.


  • If you have a large number of users to sync then I suggest limiting the amount you sync until you are confident that all the attributes are correct. You could accomplish this with an LDAP filter. This will save you time in having to delete the “bad” users.

Following the help documentation and making some minor changes to the default field values I was able to get the LDAP UDC working. The Qlik community is a great source for more information and help if you run into any issues.