The foundation of analytics is your people


As with any new tool or program implemented into an organization there will always be a ramp up period. But are you able to keep the momentum going and not fall off the deep end?

I could not agree more with David Avery at Qlik who said, “The foundation of analytics at your organization is not data – it’s the people using it.” Programs and tools don’t work unless your people make it do so. We love enabling our clients and creating analytic super teams so this is why I love what Avery has to offer in this article about his starter kit.

David says to have that all-star team you need a couple important things:

-A champion who is willing to lead the analytics implementation. If you don’t have a bold leader, you don’t have a project that will get off the ground because decisions get drawn out and it’s hard to get buy in from the surrounding environment.

-You need those data gurus. These are the individuals who set up, install and extract data. Most companies will outsource but if you have a data guru…don’t lose them! They don’t necessarily build the applications but they deal with all of the logistics of getting it working and they do it so smoothly.

-And now you need the development superstars. These individuals build out your applications and make it all come alive visually.

-When you have applications you’ll need to get accurate reporting so that’s where you will need to have a strong business analyst on your team or at least have access to an outsourced analyst.

-Next you need someone who can help your data speak and bring life to the numbers by being an exceptional storyteller.

-And finally Avery says that your analytics must be embedded into the culture. People must see value in it and want to use it. These champions can be found throughout your organization.

I highly recommend checking out David Avery’s full article to check out the first tool in his starter kit.