What would an extra day mean to you?


What would you do if you could get back 20 hours a quarter and redirect that time and effort elsewhere into your work?

Well for some of our insurance customers they are celebrating this huge win with us – an entire 80 hours a year is saved because of a claims report our team developed inside the Insurance Template powered by Qlik Sense.

Before this report was created it was taking companies 20 hours a quarter to gather these numbers from different data sources which left the door open for human error. Prompt reporting is crucial in the insurance industry and these customers are now able to get the same numbers, eliminate the risk of human error and produce this report now in a few clicks. Customers can analyze gross unpaid claims by accident year and drill down Claim Type and Major Cause of Loss.

By producing the claims report faster, it can lead to immediate communication and strategic decisions around clients, products and services and avoid any late penalties for reporting keeping companies in good standing. The ability to provide accurate, prompt reporting has a direct impact on the overall outcome of the claims. So, what would an extra day mean to you?