Create a better workplace culture from A-Z

We have designed tailored courses to build and encourage your dream team. We developed these courses because we are passionate about leading the revolution on changing how work was done. We know that all employers have some workplace distractions, so we focus on what’s really important to you so we can remove these distractions for you and let your dream team soar.

The Team Human Project

This is our newest program which is a year long self-facilitated course designed to guide you in creating a strong culture in your team working from the inside out. It teaches team members how to make the right choices necessary to create a great place to work. This course gives you access to:

  • an online membership subscription

  • facilitators guide

  • 10 workbooks for your team

  • 12 topics and 24 online videos

  • access to an expert

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Hell Yeah Teams

This course builds awesome teams but building awesome people first. It is our belief that you can’t grow strong teams until you have strong people.

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Legendary Leaders

We believe that anyone within your organization can be a great leader if they are given the proper training, tools and have an attitude to inspire, influence and truly see the potential in others and their organization. Our leadership courses show leaders how to builds great cultures for their people and motivate them to not just do great work, but live great lives as well.

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Find Your Mojo

In this course, we work with you to identify your unique mojo by developing clear, impactful mission and vision statements and values, and we teach you how to use these in the daily operation of your organization to create a strong culture that encourages employees to bring their A game.

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Personality Dimensions

Our certified instructors will take you through this course where participants learn about their unique style when it comes to communication, relationship building, productivity, conflict resolution and the different styles of others.

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No Nonsense Communication

This course gives participants not only the knowledge and tools they need to be straight-shooter communicators, but the confidence and competence to start conversations that matter and move the company forward

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Mastering Presentation Skills

This course helps participants present themselves in a way that opens doors, creates visibility and gives you power by tapping into the emotions that help us connect with people, give them a reason to listen and provide them with what they need to put their faith in a message and ultimately make a decision in your favor.

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Creating Raving Fans

This course shows participants how to build long-term loyalty by delivering services from a customers’ perspective while measuring the impact that service - or lack thereof - has on your bottom line. Participants learn that they are the moment of truth with people that matter most: your customers.

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