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Today, more so than ever, insurers serve a customer base that has increased demands around simplicity, quality, price, products and relationships. At all employee levels, regardless of function, there are daily decisions being made that have an impact on the ability to attract and retain profitable business. 

These questions are things like:

  • What products can I offer discounts to?

  • Where are my high and low areas of risk?

  • How well am I controlling profit and losses?

These questions, along with many others are very important and are often talked about on a daily basis because they can be very impactful to the overall bottom line. Putting the right information at the fingertips of all users and having the ability to create visualizations behind it is the key to driving a culture of data. 

To have the upper hand on competitive advantage, insurance companies are implementing Qlik Sense and our Insurance Template to help harness the power of their information and make their data come together and speak. 

Our team developed an Insurance Template for Qlik Sense that is being utilized by insurance companies in North America. This was created to meet the needs of insurance companies who were seeking reporting and analytics that were not currently offered by their existing insurance systems. Without this level of knowledge and without the confidence in the numbers, insurers often make gut-based decisions when they should have the ability to use evidence-based decision so they don't miss out on valuable opportunities.

Interested in knowing more about the Insurance Template? We have all the information you need right here. 

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Customer Success: Qlik Sense® Applied to Canadian Insurance Industry

When BizXcel Inc. met with Ontario Mutual Insurance Association (OMIA), the major challenges they were facing was replacing an outdated system of traditional BI cubes which was costly and time consuming, the current system couldn't keep up with the speed by which changes occur in the industry and it was difficult for users to navigate.


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Template Overview: BizXcel's Insurance Template for Qlik Sense®

Our team developed this template that is being utilized by insurance companies. This template was created as an accelerator to meet the needs of insurance companies who are seeking reporting and analytics that were not currently offered by their existing insurance systems. 


Demo: Insurance Analytics Using Qlik Sense

This demo shows how Qlik Sense is able to work with multiple sources of information from all of your business, specific to the insurance industry, to drive new insights from your data.