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Qlik® is designed for endless uses; used in every industry and every function to drive new and challenging insights to drive better decision making and innovative capabilities. 

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Video: Optimizing Healthcare Operations

Watch and see how a Chief Operating Officer at a big city hospital is able to effectively lead a team of people to keep costs down and the quality of patient care high, through focusing on operational performance. 

Video: Hidden Insights in Financial Services

Watch and learn how financial services organizations are leveraging Qlik to gain new actionable insights through data.

Video: Using Data to Drive Government

See how analytics helps government agencies eliminate distractions, move away from manual processes and act faster when it comes to decision making.

Video: Power Improved Efficiencies for Energy & Utility

Watch how Energy & Utility companies are maximize assets, reducing costs, improving their production forecast and budget, and tracking staffing costs and headcount to maintain a healthy operation.