At the Qlik® of a mouse

Qlik® is the art of bringing all your data together. It lets you combine an unlimited number of data sources (no matter the size) and indexes all potential relationships. With this new way of thinking, users can work directly with their own data in conjunction with that of company data which accelerates analysis time and reduces the heavy reliance on IT. 

With Qlik® there are no pre-defined drill paths so you don't risk data inaccuracy. However you are given the whole story -- ask away your questions and the answers are awaiting. With this trusted and powerful platform you can provide rich, interactive data to enhance performance and not compromise on it. 

Even in the most demanding industries, Qlik® has the ability to serve by offering security governance and scalability where it can be fine tuned to meet your company requirements. 

With open additional products and open APIs, Qlik® supports you with the power to embed and enhance the platform to meet your specific needs. 

Qlik® provides you with the confidence in your data and the ability to leave your limitations behind. 

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Info Sheet: What is Qlik Sense®?

Qlik Sense® empowers users, so they can create clean, interactive applications with a modern interface and uncover the whole story that lives within their data. Maximize knowledge by sharing applications and insights within your organization anywhere, anytime, on any device for accurate business intelligence, and faster, more confidence decision making.



Video: Qlik Sense® Product Tour

The Qlik® data analytics platform and Associative engine opens you up to a whole new world not possible with query-based BI tools. Watch and learn how the platform puts an end to your analytic blind spots. 

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