Welcome to BizXcel's Qlik Sense End User Training.  This page contains a number of short videos designed to get you going on your path to using Qlik Sense to perform analysis and gain understanding of the information in your organization.  We have used a generic application for the training videos but you will be able to apply those lessons directly to your Qlik Sense Application.  We have provided the videos in a logical order to get you going if you are completely new to Qlik Sense but feel free to jump around.  This is one of the reasons we have provided a series of short videos, to allow you to focus on what is important to you at the moment.

As always, the Qlik Help is a great resource to deeper understanding and knowledge on how Qlik Sense works and how to get the most out of it.

The Hub - 2:18 Minutes

Application Overview - 3:09 Minutes

Sheet Overview - 3:51 Minutes

The Power of Associations - 4:38 Minutes

Making Selections - 3:36 Minutes

Searching Selections - 4:01 Minutes

Selection Options - 1:56 Minutes

Global Smart Search - 3:04 Minutess

Using Bookmarks for Selections - 1:39 Minutes

Start Building a Story - 3:57 Minutes