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Retail Wholesale

The role of the retail wholesale store is changing dramatically. As the retail world becomes faster and more connected than ever, Qlik provides fast analytics from the shelf to the head office. Stores are no longer just seen as a place to buy product, they are turning into much more than that.

Understanding how organizations can:

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Maximize margins and reduce waste

  • Deliver simple and profitable customer experiences

  • Drive geographic store performance

  • Gain insights into customer shopping trends

  • Leverage market basket analysis

  • Leverage social media opportunities

What strategy works for one company, in most cases, will not work for your company. This means companies are having to heavily rely on their own data to make decisions that will result in future growth or potentially bankruptcy. This places data analytics at the heart of a company and is also your competitive advantage. 

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Video: Bring Insights to the Retail Floor

Watch how the retail industry is transforming with Qlik® and bringing valuable insights to consumers and store locations.