Conversation tips for selling Business Analytics

Cheat Sheets

Qlik’s messaging cheat sheets set out what you need to know about the most important topics at Qlik and in our market as a whole. Understand the subject matter, its value proposition, the customers challenges, how it can be addressed and why Qlik is different.

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Discovery (Killer) Questions

While there is no killer question that will resonate with all customers for all cases we have set out below some of the most probing questions that you can direct to a customer or prospect for Microsoft, Tableau or ThoughtSpot. A bit of discovery will be required to determine where these questions will resonate. The questions may also need to be worded slightly differently depending on whether the competitor is an incumbent or not.

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Give to Get” Principles

The best practice to get a prospect engaged is to provide some insight that they would find of value (the Give) and then ask questions based on that Insight for what they are seeing (the Get). To do this appropriately, it involves preparation by leveraging the Talk Tracks to find those topics that would be of most interest and value to the prospect.

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Executive Conversation

The purpose of an executive conversation is to facilitate a compelling dialogue using ideas and visual communication to link key strategic challenges to business solutions.

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There are seven steps to storyboarding: set purpose, confirm objectives, show current state, confirm cost of delay, reveal desired state, summarize value and prototypical client results, and recommend next steps and sponsorship role.

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Competitive Messaging

To properly compete with Qlik’s competitors, it is essential to understand their core message as well as how they set traps against Qlik. Knowing how to respond to these traps is key to winning the sale.

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Qlik Business Value Engineering for Top Accounts

Qlik’s Business Value Engineering (for top deals and key accounts) is a proven methodology and set of data gathering and analysis tools. It explains how to conduct a strategy workshop and capabilities assessment, how to measure success and complete a ROI analysis.

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