Sales approach for optimizing the customer journey


#1 Don’t sell, book an appointment
A virtual meeting or in person chat will enable you to connect with your customers to maximize your chance of closing opportunities

#2 Confirm the appointment
This is where you are trying to have your customers engage with videos, online reviews, and more. Refer to the website or for many engaging resources. Encourage the customer to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

#3 Prepare 3 options
Good - Better - Best has been a marketing strategy for decades. Apply this strategy to maximize the perception of value in your proposal. This is where you can talk about the various services that we offer.

#4 Present a quote and proposal
Review your proposal one option at a time, explain key program/technical features and present and explain pricing

#5 Email a thank you note
Emailing a “Thank You” note is a professional way to get back in touch with customers. It gives you the opportunity to confirm when you will follow-up by phone. Do this within 48 hours of when the quote was created.

#6 Follow-up by phone and execute your plan
A phone follow-up will allow you to confirm if you’ve solidified the deal or not

Getting an Appointment

Day 1: Call and leave a voicemail, email phone recap to request an appointment
Day 2: Call AM, lunch, PM, and evening. DO NOT leave a voicemail
Day 3: Call last time and leave a voicemail

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Collection customers Info
Confirm appointment by email
Add customer info to CRM


If “just looking” = provide a starting price and provide some tailored options
If ”serious” = create an opportunity,

”Apart from the price, is there anything else making you hesitate?”
”What makes you think that it’s expensive?”

From Prospect to Customer

#1 Meet with your client
Question your client to fully understand their needs and ensure they’re getting what best suits them.
Up-sell additional training opportunities based on their needs.

#2 Create and present your proposal
Always propose your 3 options, with opportunity for up-selling.
Be sure to present the quote for the project.

#3 Ask your closing questions
When would you like to schedule the training?
What else can we help you with?

#4 Follow-up
Conduct necessary follow-up prior to the training date to ensure all loose ends are tied up.