What is Bizxcel?

BizXcel is a company completely obsessed with making your job easier so you look great, your work is less stressful, and you can focus on what’s really important.

BizXcel Inc. was formed in 2005 with the merger of two companies - one company focused on using data analytics to improve efficiencies in the workplace, and one focused on training and consulting to improve workplaces and teams. It was a natural choice for these two companies to come together to form what we know today as BizXcel.

Build a Kick Ass Company

Who we are…
We are a company dedicated to creating committed and motivated employees that reach new heights and are raved about by their employers through various courses, workshops, training sessions and keynote speeches.

What we do…
We know that every company is unique with different goals, different perspectives, different cultures and different ways of doing business. We train employees and employers on how to build kick ass companies,

How we do it…
We start all of our courses with a kick start meeting with the key members of those involved in order to get a feel for your company and people, understand your needs and objectives and ensure you’ll get the most out of the program as possible. We then offer a tailored approach based on those needs, which can involve any one or more of the following courses:
1. Hell Yeah Teams
2. Legendary Leaders
3. Find Your Mojo
4. Personality Dimensions
5. No Nonsense Communication
6. Mastering Presentation Skills
7. Creating Raving Fans
8. The Team Human Project

How we’re different…
We imagine a world where we abolish the TGIF mentality, where there is no more “working to live” or “living to work”, there’s just living! Our team has been working with organizations across North America for over 30 years to build stronger, better companies. We developed these programs and services for you because we are passionate about leading the revolution on how work is done in companies.

How customers benefit…
Engaged and motivated employees directly results in employee retention and satisfaction which means higher profits. When employees love their work, it shows through what they produce and how they serve their customers. Employees will provide higher levels of effort for a company they connect with and believe in at an emotional level.

You can benefit from all of this. Click here for customer testimonials.

Business Analytics

Who we are…
We are a company that helps organizations solve complex business problems with the strategic use of data

What we do…
We help organizations discover compelling and actionable insights about their business to improve their performance, such as transforming operations, limiting risk, or discovering new revenue streams.

How we do it…
We focus on addressing business problems with their associated data, To do this, we work closely with each of our customers to better understand their unique analytics challenges, data sources, data locations and data governance needs. Then, by associating together their data, regardless of location, variety or volume, we provide a complete and governed data view for users of any data literacy level to easily explore, connect, and analyze on any device.

How we’re different…
Our approach goes far beyond the bounds of traditional data visualization. Based on a unique technology, the associative difference, we can quickly and easily handle extremely large and disparate data sets, simplify complex business problems, and provide a superior analysis and exploration experience. With enterprise-class governance and security, we empower users of all levels of proficiency through new cognitive capabilities to easily explore and analyze data freely, from many sources, without the limitations of query based tools. By embedding analytics into existing applications and processes, users can search, explore and pivot their analysis in any direction based on what they are seeing immediately at the point of decision.

How customers benefit…
American Eagle Imports uses Qlik to analyze supply chain data, shipping and SLA’s - gaining the ability to see process breakdowns. By exploring their data, they uncovered hidden insight into restructuring their processes resulting in $800k in case savings per year.

BT Financial uses Qlik to analyze their sales processes and explore them in more depth. Finding inefficiencies and issues with territory assignments within a year of deploying Qlik, they have increased sales productivity by 96% and new business revenue by 22%.